Ranger Trucco Brings Out “Tiffany” EP via Space Yacht

"Tiffany" marks Ranger Trucco's debut EP.

Ranger Trucco releases his debut two-track EP, Tiffany, via Space Yacht. In detail, Tiffany marks Space Yacht’s second EP after moving from hosting some of the biggest events to launching its own record label.

The two-song EP showcases a dark but mesmerizing sound, from the hypnotizing beats of the eponymous track “Tiffany” that travels up and down the scale with its eclectic sound, to the gripping and wicked “FTP” with its pulsing beats.

About Ranger Trucco

Breaking out just this year, Ranger Trucco left his home in Michigan and dropped out of college to pursue his musical dreams. In fact, Ranger Trucco’s sound earned him a feature on the Night Bass Freshmen Compilation and the attention of Space Yacht’s A&Rs LondonBridge and Hiddenhen after submitting the “Tiffany” to their show Tune Reactor.

“The first time I heard Tiffany I was struck by the combination of his tech house production and original raps,” LondonBridge shared. “We instantly asked to hear more and came to realize that Ranger was creating his own sound that could fit both in the club and on the radio.”

“I was working 8-hour shifts at a fast-food restaurant and doing nothing with my music. One day during a shift a co-worker I had never met before told me to go on my break and was wearing a Space Yacht mask. I took it as a sign and sent Space Yacht a playlist of some tunes. I ended up getting booked off of Tune Reactor on the spot for Tech My House and now have the honor of releasing this EP on their new label.”

Ranger Trucco on his journey with his music

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