Rapid Fire “Dark and Techno” EP on Hardwandler Records

Hard techno that is especially dark

Listen to the dark and doomy vibes in the Rapid Fire “Dark and Techno” EP from the playlist below.

Rapid Fire Dark and Techno EP

Album Review: Rapid Fire “Dark and Techno” EP

The so no-named “Dark and Techno” EP appropriately describes the two tracks. In fact, the first track is titled “Dark” and the second track is titled “Techno”. As a result, listeners can expect especially dark vibes from the first track and a techno style sounds in the second track.


Percussive instrumentals. First a low, sputtering drum roll. Second, is a high-pitch knocking drum that plays as a top loop. Among the darker sounds are the bass stabs. One such example sounds like a vocal. It sounds like a low distorted vowel.


Overall, “Techno” is nice and steady. Dirty kick drum, bass stabs, ethereal pads, and a mysterious clap echoe are central to the mix. Lyrics speak the phrase “Dark Techno”, which is exactly the genre of the is track.

The ride is rich and metallic. As heard in the intro, it rings for a bit with each hit before fading to silence. The hi-hat, is tight and ticks away busily after the break.

About Rapid Fire

German DJ and producer, Rapid Fire, makes underground techno. His staple sounds are hard and dark. As such, his tracks fit right in with the rest of the hard techno releases on Hardwandler Records. His upcoming “Dark and Techno” EP releases Monday, July 29, 2019, and is available for pre-order on Beatport.

Rapid Fire artist logo

An active DJ, Rapid Fire posted an hour long mix of hard techno to his SoundCloud page in June 2019. As a result, fans have posted many replies praising the sounds of Rapid Fire.

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