Rebelion Rolls Out the Kicks in Their Release Single “Revelation”


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Just shopping for the rawest, hardest, and heaviest hitting sounds ultimately results in gratification once the track is found. From long hours on the usual music platforms came the sounds of Rebelion in their latest release “Revelation”. This track is true Raw Hardstyle. Also, ranking number 12 on the charts on There are many musically appealing instrumentals throughout. Enjoy the music from the video below.

Track Review: “Revelation”

The kick drums get fierce in “Revelation”. Losing count of all the different kicks though is one way of saying there are several to enjoy. Among the kicks, listeners will detect subtleties of their sound design. This goes to say the producing duo Rebelion put in an audible effort to craft these percussion instruments.

Getting lost in music is just great. “Revelation” takes listeners on a journey. Those kicks. Words seem to get lost when all that matters is listening to them. Yet there is so much to say about this track. So much style coming from the producing talents of Rebelion.

“Revelation” is one of the hardest tracks in EDM at the moment. The Raw Hardstyle game is seriously waging loudness wars. Just over a year ago came the goliath kicks from the released single “Xorcism” which is just understatedly loud. This Raw Hardstyle kick drum mania is worth looking into here. “Revelation” is a winning track. Ultimately, “Revelation” is a track for any Raw Hardstyle fan.

About Rebelion

Rebelion is a Raw Hardstyle duo from Scotland. They are active in the scene in the Netherlands where they play at such festivals as Qapital. Their facebook page is a great example of their presence: among their followers are Raw Hardstyle talents such as Regain, and D-Sturb; also, much promotional footage is among the posts which have high numbers of “Likes”, too.

Photo from Rebellion Facebook

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