Regain and Bloodlust “Get Down” is Raw Hardstyle

Regain and Bloodlust releases experimental hardstyle banger

Regain and Bloodlust “Get Down” is a raw hardstyle track. This collaboration brings Regain’s experimental sounds with the hardcore stylings of Bloodlust. Together they pulled a winner of a track out their work in the studio. Furthermore, have a listen to this amazing track, below, out now on the releasing label, Heart for Hard Records.

Track review: Regain and Bloodlust “Get Down”

Starting out with rap and hip-hop inspired bass music breakbeat, the track’s energy intensifies as the build-up comes in with true hardstyle leads. Focusing on the format, here, the the drop is plenty hard. The layering of the instrumentals–kick drums, the snares, vocals, and leads–are as noisy as they are musical. The kick drum is exemplary. With earth shattering sub bass rumbling through the mix, so too, does its harmonics in key with the rest of the track.

About the artists

No strangers to the hardstyle scene, Regain and Bloodlust have been on the leading label Heart for Hard Records since the 2010s. Both artists have also featured on the strong, raw hardstyle label End of Line Recordings as well.

Regain is no doubt a dedicated musician rounding out a solid career with the hardest tracks in the scene time after time. Bloodlust is as active as ever in the studio and in the spotlight. Recently, Bloodlust participated as a guest artist in the Q-Dance Records studio for a live performance mixing up the raw hardstyle with a QAPITAL 2020 warm-up show.

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