Regain Preview of “Drop the Mic” Official Music Video

“Drop the Mic” is energetic Raw Hardstyle to the core. Also, this preview will bring much gratification to those listener’s waiting in anticipation of the new tunes on the way from Regain’s next album. Furthermore, enjoy the music video below.

The stars of the music video are Regain and the MC’s and loyal fans. The sequence of clips from music festivals of which Regain delivers performances to fans is exemplary of the passion behind EDM. Furthermore, it shows just how great such passion for EDM can be, more specifically, the great passion EDM fans have for the Raw Hardstyle genre. At that, Regain leads them all to a sonic demonstration of the hard side of EDM. As seen, his habitual gesture of thrusting his arms forward with each blow of the kick drum is often mirrored by the fans in the audience.

The track “Drop the Mic” is fueled by dark energy. Vocals with a fierce attitude match the intense sounds in the track. For example, the hard kick drum and the rough screeches. These are signature stylings of the instrumental sounds audible in Raw Hardstyle, and they come through loud and ruthless in this track. Also, the track preview is ultimately a great demonstration of Regain’s appreciation for his fans. This preview makes the final four weeks of waiting for the album a lot easier.

About Regain

The Polish music talent, Regain, has become a figurehead in the Raw Hardstyle genre. Delivering the hardest tracks in the genre over the decade with his powerful sound design. Furthermore, playing at some of Europe’s largest EDM festivals to host the harder styles in EDM. These include Loudness and Supremacy. At the end of the week, he will perform a set with another reputable name in Raw Hardstyle, Rooler. Catch their performance together at the arena party Qapital in Amsterdam on Saturday, April 6, 2019.

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