Play it Loud: Regain Releases Single “The End”

“The End”

A Raw Hardstyle Production by Regain

Regain delivers another massive production with his release single “The End”. This Raw Hardstyle track is true to the genre: hard, raw sounds with eerie vibes. Anticipation of the track comes with tremendous support from Heart for Hard Records for putting together a promotional video featuring the track. Fans also find the new track impressive. Overall, this track is a success. “The End” [ORIGINAL MIX] by Regain is available exclusively on

Track Review

“The End” by Regain is a Raw Hardstyle interpretation of a tale in science-fiction. The music tells a story of the end of the world as the rise of machines against men. The procession of robot giants tearing across the earth, conquering all, saving nothing. Ultimately, they out reign mankind leading them to their life’s inevitable end on earth. So, the track has some dark, dystopian themes to communicate, and “The End” delivers the music to match. Hear the track for yourself in the official video of “The End” below.

Sound Design

Hardstyle Kick Drums

Regain produces three variations of the traditional Hardstyle kicks: a fat, round thumping kick; an exaggerated attack on the second kick; and a Hardcore kick. Each has their soloing part of keeping the track on beat. One measure through the lead melody and the second kick and third kick are featured similarly. The low-end reverberation effect coming from the resonating kicks of the drum make them sound massive.

"The End"
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Another aspect of the kick drums to appreciate are the three variations of the kick drum sounds which are uniquely different from each other. This shows the versatility of the hardstyle kick drum as well as Regain’s mastery in producing them. This track is rich in the musical variations of kick drum styles.

"The End"
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A third aspect of the kick drum variations is imagining the drum-looping, and other DJ mixing possibilities. This may be true for all tracks. This universal truth still leaves room for creativity among such sounds. As for picking one kick drum from among the three in this track to create a drum-loop, there is the question: which one? Any of the three will get the point across. Go on, loop a beat.

Vibes of Impending Doom

First of all, an unsteady vibe emanates from the richly textured leads as they play a melody that inspires a mean, fierce mix of emotions. Secondly, the lyrics best state the tone of the track. For example, a loud, yelling voice proclaims in outrage against their doom, “This is the end!”

"The End"
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Superior Mix Quality

The mix quality of “The End” is not only professional and clean in every audible aspect of the track, but also profoundly well designed. The loudness war is deservingly won over in the mastering of these powerful industrial-sized sounds characteristic of Regain’s hardstyle productions.

"The End"
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Another point of interest is the label Heart for Hard’s Mastering Services available upon arrangement  through the label’s website. The most noteworthy explanation from the label’s website says “Heart for Hard Mastering will push your track to the absolute limits, to give it the finishing touch that it needs”. Also, this statement is reassuring as listeners can expect  high standards of sound quality from the label’s productions. Furthermore, fans will hear the excellent sound quality this label aspires to in Regain’s latest track, “The End”.

"The End"
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Audience Reaction

From among the posts in response to the official video “Regain – The End”  is a common sense of pride in Regain’s music. As a result, the commentary of the postings are varying in the expression of their pride for the new track. Listeners comment that the arrival of “The End” comes with a sense of relief to the end of a long wait for another track by Regain.

"The End"
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Varying threads in the commentary are of appreciation of kick drum styling in the track. As the comments come, they are of approval. The Audience’s amazement proves this track is a hit. “The End”  is a success for this iconic name in Hardstyle: Regain.

About Regain

This Polish DJ/Producer has his beginnings as a contender in the Hardstyle game in the early 2010s. By 2013,  Regain signs onto the Indus3, a sub-label of Heart for Hard Records. In 2014, the producer rises as a top-tier Hardstyle talent after the release single “Push it to the Limit” earns him the number one  position in the rankings of the charts. Recent, productions such as “Xorcism” in 2017 prove this talent is a special one that can deliver great productions time after time.

"The End"
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Regain’s sound design is without a doubt some of the loudest, and hardest to be heard among Raw Hardstyle productions. He brings a larger than life size sound to the traditional Hardstyle kick that results in extreme, and hardcore sounds to satisfy the hard-heads among EDM fans.

Performing as a DJ  at large scale EDM festivals, such as Rebirth Festival 2018, Decibel 2017, and Qapital 2016, Regain evokes strong crowd reactions with his raw sounds and experimental approach to Hardstyle. Witness the energy of the fans and feel the energy for yourself at one of Regain’s upcoming performances this Summer 2018. Otherwise, enjoy the experience from listening at home: the official video of “Xorcism”-Regain, is exemplary. Enjoy.

Summer 2018 Tour Dates

Fans will have the opportunity to witness Regain at the following events:

Furthermore, fans can visit Regain‘s facebook page for event updates and future bookings.

"The End"
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Connect with Regain

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