Regain “Underground”: An Experimental Hardstyle Treat

Available December 27, 2019 via Heart for Hard Records

Regain “Underground” treats audiences to music from the underground. Listeners will hear his signature raw hardstyle instrumentals. Best of all, it has got a high quality mix that delivers big on loudness. Turn up the volume, and press play.

Regain “Underground” release single via Heart for Hard Records

Track review

Euphoric hardstyle lead melodies set the tone for an uplifting track. Building up with a percussive snare and a drop that blows up the stereo, Regain “Underground” shows off his experimental sound design with various bass drums. The first, has a nice fap sound and earth-shattering sub-bass that explodes through the mix with each hit.

Regain’s experimental approach to the sound design takes a break from the high pitched attack of the top layer of the classic hardstyle kick drum. Pitching the kick drums lower, Regain achieves sub-heavy bass-drums that live up to the underground sound inspiring the track’s name.

As a result, the track is an absolute banger, a bomb, at hit, what ever you may call it, “Underground” is great music.

About Regain

Originating from Poland, Regain has risen to the top of the raw hardstyle scene. Also, he is recognized around the globe for his sonic booming kick drums, extreme lyrics, and screeching leads. He represents hardstyle brands like Q-Dance at events like QAPITAL 2019, and as a resident artist for Heart for Hard Records.

DJ and producer, Regain

Furthermore, he began shaping the raw hardstyle sound with early collaborations such as “Death is Our Bitch” (ca 2012) with Beat Destroyerz and other artists. For example, the Point of No Return (2017) is his biggest collaboration album. More recently, he is releasing tracks that are all his own. May 2019 saw the release of his feature album Out of Bounds. Now, “Underground” (December 2019) is a resounding example of his talent.

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