Rezz “Beyond The Senses” EP Out Now

Review: Rezz “Beyond The Senses” EP

The Rezz “Beyond The Senses” EP released the morning after her revolutionary Global VR listening party Tuesday, July 23, 2019. Along with the singles we have all been listening to the three new tracks.

Altogether the six total tracks included take listeners on a ride. The album features supporting artists. These include, Deathpact, who collaborated on the track “Life & Death.”

Click here to watch the recorded virtual reality show.

Virtual Rezz


This track starts out slow and eerie. There is a brief introduction. Then, a maniacal whisper enters the mix. The voice informs that it will save you from whatever ties you down–only to take control. The vocals begin to distort during the phrase “cause’ you’re mine now”. This truly adds excitement to the vibes of anxiety.

“Stress” is carried with a hard-hitting beat. There is a short break that brings us back to her 2018 release “Witching Hour.” This new track may cause or cure stress depending on the listener.

“Your Soul Will Never Be Released”

“Your Soul Will Never Be Released” clocks in at just two minutes and thirty-five seconds. Rezz left little up to interpretation. It is a relatively basic yet bass-heavy track. As a result, it acts as a nice transition piece. As the title suggests, the goal is to keep listeners glued to the EP while awaiting the finale.


I kept a couple of the songs such as “lonely” top secret because I wanted to surprise all of u , one of my fav songs

@OfficialRezz on Twitter


This track is beautiful, intriguing, and energetic. It starts out with calming instrumentals that are met with alluring vocals from The Rigs. After a little more than a minute into the track begins the buildup to the first drop. Rezz masterfully chops up and loops the word lonely to lead us all the verse.

Much lighter than some of her other creations, “Lonely” is going to serve fans well as a summer jam. The track holds true to the Rezz style we know and love, but brightens the mood a bit. It should satisfy a broader audience.

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