LISTEN: REZZ releases first single “Witching Hour” from forthcoming LP

REZZ Releases “Witching Hour”

Just under a week after announcing the release date of her second LP Certain Kind Of Magic’, Canadian dubstep artist REZZ has shared her first single from the upcoming record. “Witching Hour” will be the first of eight tracks on the new album and is an eery premonition of what’s to come on August 3. Don’t fret though, according to REZZ’ twitter account, a second single is on its way later this month. Listeners can purchase/stream the track, released on the mau5trap label here, or scroll below to watch a live rendition from Lost Lands Music Festival 2017.

About “Witching Hour”

Clocking in at just over three minutes, “Witching Hour” begins with a sexy intertwining breakbeat. The melody soon fades in, somewhat hypnotic and somewhat reminiscent of a horror film out of the eighties. It’s nostalgiac in feel yet forward moving in nature. Nearing the 30-second mark, the melody gives way to a bass drop REZZ has continually perfected throughout her career. When that bass arrives, the beat shifts into a slower BPM, four-to-the-floor grimy churn of low frequencies. As this progression moves on in an almost marching fashion, the melody shifts from out of the old and into the future, with added effects and a more tantalizing feel.

One SoundCloud comment read, “Giving me a distinct Castlevania vibe, in all the right ways”. Yes, indeed. “Witching Hour” embodies a gothic era with fantasy vibes likely to give all listeners a spooky premonition of what’s to come on her sophomore LP. While “Witching Hour” seems to be a little bit of a teaser, it is a great start towards what ‘Certain Kind Of Magic’ will bring to fans as a whole. Check out the complete tracklist below.

Watch a live rendition of “Witching Hour” from last year’s Lost Lands Music Festival.


1. Witching Hour
2. H E X (with 1788-L)
3. Flying Octopus
4. Life & Death (with Deathpact)
5. Spider On The Moon
6. Teleportal (with Kotek)
7. The Crazy Ones (with 13)
8. Toxin (with Fytch)

Pre-order the forthcoming album here which will make its debut on August 3.


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