Riot Ten and Charly Jordan Collaborate on “Wanna Go”

This breezy house single is out now on Dim Mak Records

Channeling the emotions of the open road and exploring new destinations, Riot Ten collaborates with Charly Jordan on “Wanna Go.”  It leads off Riot Ten’s BLKMRKT project, which sees the bass producer delve into the world of house music. This new collaboration is a testament to the versatility and creativity of the two producers. Consequently, they deliver breezy summertime vibes and infectious vocal melodies.

Additionally, the heavy-hitting dubstep from Riot Ten’s “Hype or Die” releases is non-existent. The Texas-born producer continues to experiment with the house sounds he established earlier this year on “Lost Your Mind.” Also, “Wanna Go” serves as the second single ever from social media influencer and rising DJ/producer, Charly Jordan. A few months ago, she officially entered the music industry via “Blackstrap Molasses,” which harmoniously fused pop and dance music. Check out what Charly and Riot Ten have to say about their unique collaboration below: 

Charly and I met via a mutual friend of ours. She thought we could create something cool and decided to make the introduction. Once I heard Charly’s vocals, I knew this had the potential to be a huge record. It’s honestly one of my favorite songs that I’ve worked on, and it’s so different from what I typically release. Can’t wait to hear the response!” 

Riot Ten

‘Wanna Go’ is a song that represents my never-ending desire to want to see new places. Traveling has been a passion of mine my entire life, and being able to put that into music with that tropical feel of house music was amazing. Having also listened to Riot Ten’s music for a very long time, I’m happy we were able to vibe and make this song together.” 

Charly Jordan
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