“Rise” a Laidback Luke, Mark Villa track, first single from Mixmash Family album

“Rise” a Laidback Luke, Mark Villa track

Laidback Luke is a name synonymous with well produced, well put together house and electric music. His label, Mixmash Records, has been his platform since 2004, and this year at the world famous Amsterdam Dance Event, he will be getting together his lineup of producers from all over the world to bring you the Mixmash Records Family album.

The album features Laidback Luke, as well as other Mixmash artists Mark Villa, Keanu Silva, Unity, Pyrodox, Inpetto, and Krosses. The first single for the album was released November 10th and is called “Rise” by LBL and Mark Villa. Who also happens to be the youngest Mixmash artist at 17 years old.

You can listen to the single here:

“Rise” is a house track with a sound that builds off the baseline laid down in the first part of the song. LBL and Villa kept building off the rhythm they create in the first few seconds of the track.

They add instrumentals, with horns and other tribal instruments to flow with the selective tribal chanting that comes in and out as the song moves. The music LBL creates been so diverse, seeing him working with an artist like Mark Villa is very exciting.

As he will be able to develop his sounds under the tutelage of an industry giant, who has helped bring up so many DJs and producers.

Album Features

The rest of the album features several more tracks from LBL and the rest of the Mixmash lineup. “Rude Trumpet” is a house track by Keanu Silva and Krosses which has a distinct Carribean flair.

They incorporate trumpet into the song and allow the Rastafarian style lyrics to work with horns as opposed to drown one or the other out. Unity and Pyrodox give the album “Good on Me” features lyrics from The Baron.

The song is slower-paced and talks about love leading into a “future bass” drop that is very easy to bob your head to.

Laidback Luke makes his second appearance on the album with “It Was Me” which he produced with Keanu Silva. This song is a dancefloor jam which will be easy to incorporate into DJ sets as well as a remix.

The drop is happy and upbeat and doesn’t feature quite as many instrumental samples as the other songs. With the only distinct instrumental being an electric keyboard. This song has more of a Daft Punk vibe than anything, and the full electric vibe is an excellent changeup from the first three tracks.

Inpetto and Pyrodox

Inpetto and Pyrodox bring “Islands in the Sky” to the album next, with a more grungy, dubstep feel. Great production is something that is incredibly consistent throughout this album, and you can tell here.

The song is crisp, and it doesn’t seem there is a beat out of place throughout the entire album. Unity gives his remix to those mentioned above “Bad Trumpet” which completely takes the song from a Carribean feeling jam to a dubstep-influenced bass track.

The album wraps up with “Pizzie Ride” by Inpetto and Keanu Silva. The song is a more tech-inspired track with a minimalist beat, and some building instrumental samples, as well as some old school hip hop clips. The song is an excellent mellow way to end the ride through the MIxmash lineup.

You can check out the entire Mixmash Family at ADE this year, or check them out on several social media platforms:




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