Rob Gasser – “Synthetic Heart” EP [MA Music]

One of the things that makes EDM so beloved is the variety of sounds and styles it has grown to encompass. On this note, the work of Rob Gasser stands out as he takes the structures of the old school and infuses it with the electronic instruments and production value expected from a modern composition. In his new EP titled “Synthetic Heart”, his sounds take form in the style of Drum & Bass, Dubstep, and Hard Dance.

Diving into the first track on this project, of which the EP is titled after, A strong video game type synth is introduced. It is moved into the composition with an industrial drum pattern. A sense of nostalgia is achieved through his sound design even though it is something new to the ear. This is a rare trait to find in new music and is an indication that a potential classic might have been stumbled upon. Smooth vocals by Miyoki accompany this track from the  build to the outro.  This Drum & Bass gift is definitely a feel good jam.

Full Force”, the second track on this project, brings the same nostalgia triggering synth work.  An explosive and intense buildup is introduced leading the way to a dubstep drop. This one, although mainly dubstep, comes with a very upbeat and melodically friendly vibe. The track stays exciting with an 8 bar switch up that might have the listener feeling like they got tossed into the middle of a wild rave.

Dead End Dance Floor”, the final installment of this release, brings us the flavor of Hard Dance. Foreshadowed by the switch in the previous track, the EP ends as full on rave music. Pushing the outer limits of EDM in terms of speed it is set at 170 bpm but provides a second drop in half time that feels almost like an intermission meant to lead into another fierce drop.

This is not music you skim through. Each track is masterfully crafted to lead a journey in its own unique fashion. “Synthetic Heart” is an EP worth the time of every dance music aficionado. 

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