Rob Love Releases “Summertime” Music Video

A man who gets lost in his creativity is a man in is element.

Blue skies, boardwalks, and slushies are some of the words that come to mind when thinking of Rob Love’s new music video, Summertime. Directed and filmed by Timothy Gordon at Coney Island beach, Brooklyn NY, Rob shines brighter than the sun as he sings and dances this summer treat. A tune for the lovers of sunshine, warm weather, and romance, Summertime brings the vibe of elation, freedom, and of course, love. When most people think of summer they think of colorful clothes, amusement parks, and splashing waves. This music video delivers all that and more. Whats the more? It is the pure authentic expression Rob gives when he performs. Not only does his music contain honesty with soothing and sultry vocals, his heart is virtuous. Being an LGBTQ+ artist, Rob advocates for gay rights. He makes it a point to spread the message of equality and peace within his art and social media. And in this video he does it again by representing LGBTQ+ love in a positive and supportive way.

Summertime is a time for creativity

Now more than ever being yourself is the only option in truly living happily. That means following your dreams, and your hearts desires. For Rob, creating music is his hearts biggest desire. But for many people their hearts desires either seem like just a dream or the scariest road to take. “Close your eyes and just get on the ride” are the wise words of encouragement Rob shares on his social media. It hasn’t always been an easy ride for Rob when it comes to following his dreams. He has battled anxiety, depression, self doubt, and times when he almost lost all hope. But he never gave up and and he will never give up. As any person on the path of personal development knows growth is a never ending journey. So as he works on his career he works on himself. That dedication to his dreams and to his inner peace is the formula that will take him above and beyond his wildest imaginations. That is the formula for all who wish to see their dreams manifested.

Off the Hook is a Youtube series where Rob shares the inspiration behind his latest singles. In this episode for “Summertime” Rob shares how art isn’t meant to have a perfect outcome but only a raw and honest one. With Summertime his insightful outlook on art is ironically enough, a perfect outcome. When someone is passionate about something that isn’t just by mistake or for no reason. Humans are born with a purpose and with a true nature to them. Rob is living his purpose and that purpose is to bring joy to others as he experiences his own. When you live your purpose no matter the outcome, it’s perfect. Love is love no matter if its summer time or any other season. But whats best about that is that Rob has always and will always spread that message. Whether it be through his words, actions, or art when you enter the world of Rob Love be prepared to feel the love.

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