Robin Schulz – “Uncovered” Album OUT NOW

Robin Schulz released his anticipated album “Uncovered” today. At a massive 18 tracks, containing many different genres and epic collaborations, there is no shortage of listening with this work.

The first single released from this album, “OK”, features the vocals of well-known British talent James Blunt. The collaboration proved a major success, with 123 million streams just on Spotify, and the #1 spot on the Billboard Dance Club Songs Chart. Another big collaboration includes “Shed A Light” with David Guetta and Cheat Codes, which amassed 250 million streams total. The second single released from the album didn’t do so bad either – “I Believe I’m Fine” featuring HUGEL garnered a cool 5.5 million streams on Spotify alone.

“Uncovered” is full of energetic hits such as the aforementioned tracks, and more, like “More Than A Friend” featuring Nico Santos and “Sounds Easy” featuring Ruxley. There are also slower instrumentals, such as the first track on the album, aptly named “Intro”, and a later number called “Un Sueno”. Then the album closes with another aptly-named track, called “Outro”.

Robin Schulz – “Uncovered"
Picture Credit: Spotify

Robin Schulz may be Grammy-nominated, but a pretentious musician he does not make. He crafted a whole 18-track album, and he is still touring around the world. His love of music definitely shows. Grab “Uncovered” today and listen on a long car ride or after a long day, and you’ll be sure to not run out of musical inspiration.

You can listen here.


  1. ‘Intro’ – Robin Schulz
  2. ‘Unforgettable’ – Robin Schulz & Marc Scibilia
  3. ‘Shed A Light’ – Robin Schulz & David Guetta & Cheat Codes
  4. ‘Oh Child’ – Robin Schulz
  5. ‘Fools’ – Robin Schulz & Aalias (Ft. IRO)
  6. ‘Like You Mean It’ – Robin Schulz (Ft. Rhys)
  7. ‘OK’ – Robin Schulz (Ft. James Blunt)
  8. ‘Naked’ – Robin Schulz (Ft. Sam Martin)
  9. ‘Above The Clouds’ – Robin Schulz
  10. ‘Higher Ground’ – Robin Schulz
  11. ‘Love Me A Little’ – Robin Schulz
  12. ‘Tonight And Every Night’ – Robin Schulz
  13. ‘More Than A Friend’ – Robin Schulz (Ft. Nico Santos)
  14. ‘I Believe I’m Fine’ – Robin Schulz & HUGEL
  15. ‘Ha Leh Lou Ya’ – Robin Schulz (Ft. Christy McDonald)
  16. ‘Sounds Easy’ – Robin Schulz (Ft. Ruxley)
  17. ‘Un Sueno’ – Robin Schulz
  18. ‘Outro’ – Robin Schulz
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