Robin Schulz’s First Album in Four Years, ‘IIII’

A comprehensive review of one of Germany's most decorated electronic artists

It’s been almost four years since Robin Schulz released an album so naturally, his next album would surely be worth it. Robin Schulz is one of the most successful artists to come from Germany, with smash-hits like “Sugar”, “Prayer In The C”, and “All We Got”. Over the last few years, we’ve seen Schulz come out of his comfort zone and release music that he put a lot of effort into. Since his last album release 2017, he’s changed his music style, adopting a more hearty and fuller sound than before – don’t worry though, he’s still kept that signature Robin Schulz melody.

When news broke that Robin Schulz would release his fourth studio and aptly titled album, IIII. on February 26th, fans were overwhelmed with the excitement that Schulz would finally release songs that he’s been keeping under the covers for quite some time.

So without further ado, here’s a breakdown of some of the best tracks from Robin Schulz’s IIII album:

One More Time (feat. Alida)

“One More Time” is the key song from “IIII” because it sees the collaboration of Robin Schulz and Felix Jaehn, Germany’s best selling DJs. Jaehn and Schulz formed a close relationship since they first met at Parookaville in 2015. This song also features vocalist Alida, who also sings on other songs for Schulz and artists like R3HAB. The style of this songs, coupled with Alida’s powerful lyrics, make for a title song that reveal a lot about the quality of music coming from Robin Schulz.


If you were listening to music around the early-2000s, chances are that you might’ve heard something very similar to this song. Robin Schulz collaborated with Cameroonian artist Wes Madiko, most famous for his release “Alane” sung in the Duala language, native to Cameroon. This song is also accompanied by a fantastic music video which was created in the midst of a global pandemic. This song emanates such good vibes – it’s a must listen!

Live and Let Live

This song is one of Schulz’s earlier tracks which he created in a few years before “IIII”‘s release. This is the third time that Sam Martin offered his majestic vocals on a Robin Schulz track. This track was premiered in Schulz’s Tomorrowland set in the summer of 2018 and fans instantly saw that a new Robin Schulz style was set to emerge – and they were right. This acts as the perfect summer song for any occasion!

Make Me Feel the Night (feat. Tyler James Bellinger)

This song is arguably the most awaited Robin Schulz song of all time. “Sugar”, “Speechless”, and “In Your Eyes” were great songs, but “Make Me Feel the Night” is the epitome of Robin Schulz at his peak. This song has been played at festivals around the world and was also premiered a long time ago, before Robin had released his previous album. This song is without doubt the best song on the album.

A combination of great talent

Last, but certainly not least, we have songs that display the new direction of Schulz’s music style. “Better With You (feat. Svrcina)” uses the best of Schulz’s knowledge of guitar riffs and piano notes, harking back to his track with Harloe “All This Love”. “Kill The Fire (feat. The Leonard)” and “Feel Something (feat. SAYGRACE) both cement Robin Schulz’s classic yet progressive style. You certainly get sounds that were present in the earlier Robin Schulz tracks of 2014 & 2015.

One of the best albums of the year?

This album came early on in a year where festivals are scheduled to be up-and-running by the summer in some way, shape, or form. It’s certainly going to continue with breaking into more Airplay charts and Top 40 charts worldwide – chiefly because of the radio-friendliness of Schulz’s songs. Whilst some artists have ditched previous morals and changed their sound, Robin Schulz has stuck by his tried and tested style, whilst dabbling into an unexplored sound, showing great success.

This is just the beginning for Robin Schulz.

Stream Robin Schulz’s IIII album here:

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