Rocket Pengwin Releases Debut EP ‘Planet Earth’

Rocket Pengwin's debut album certainly proves his talent!

Today marks the release of Rocket Pengwin’s debut EP, Planet Earth, on Ultra Music. The EP is a genre-defying adventure which plays with the abandon and drive of dance and electronic music, and pulls listeners into new worlds with juggernaut vocal melodies and epic choruses drawing inspiration from emo and power pop. It balances vast fantasy soundscapes with moments of fearless vulnerability. In celebration of the EP, Rocket Pengwin has released a new single, “Alone”. It’s a slice of heartbroken synth pop that pleads for reconciliation while expressing dissatisfaction with a relationship. The forthcoming lyric video finds the human size Rocket Pengwin gallivanting around Manhattan’s west side.

Watch the music video for “Alone” here:

Planet Earth reveals many facets of Rocket Pengwin over the course of its seven tracks. Beloved single “Unique” opens the EP and is an optimistic tongue-in-cheek meditation on identity and finding the light in your broken moments. On “Forget You”, a darkly seductive electro pulse underscores the song’s emotional core dealing with the difficulty of getting over a relationship. “Almost Perfect Selection of Words” changes the pace and collages bits of indie rock guitars, trap rhythms, and a hint of Americana. That track explores the difficulty in understanding the trauma and baggage of another person from the outside.

“New York” kicks down the club doors with an Italo-Disco pulse and vocoder as it climbs to ecstatic heights. The EP closer, “For Elise (Nuclear Bomb)” is a variation on a theme that takes Beethoven’s landmark “For Elise” as a starting point before skyrocketing into an anthem of resilience. The track reassures that we are not alone and have the power to overcome whatever forces stand in our way. 

You can stream the Planet Earth EP here:

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