Ron Costa – ‘Hourncase’ EP [Tronic]

Hot on the heels of his ‘Humee’ EP released this past 20 January in Denmark on the Noir Music imprint, Parisian artist/DJ/record label owner Ron Costa continues to make the progression from house into more proper techno territory that he began with 2013’s “Le Tige Electrique” on Canada’s Musique Monique label.

The EP’s title track pulsates from the very beginning into an adamantine groove, punctuated with well-placed counter-rhythmic sequences and sleek synth washes. The tracks’s first build is wonderfully analog-meets-digital: kind of 1970’s Jan Hammer with today’s consciousness. Overall, “Hourncase” is a fine journeyman techno track that is just hypno to be fulfilling to both artist and listener.

The second tune, “Birhall” is my pick of the release, as it is expertly built and immediately danceable.The build into the main body of the track is trippy and completely fresh: galactic vibes sailing over a happily rolling high-stepping techno foundation. While the second build is not as fresh as the intro, it’s a perfect euphoric segue back into this exceptional track. This unexpected psychedelia that permeates “Birhall” totally makes it the EP’s standout.

“Lomber”, the final track of the EP, is one of those odd tunes that one either adores or feels “meh” about. Minimally constructed and solidly executed, it’s mostly a hypno tech groove. The midtrack acid build is a nice touch and allows for some good head-space into the drop, which is solid but ultimately not that dissimilar from the original groove. While it’s neither jaw-dropping nor flawed, it’s purely one o
those situations where you’re “Yeah!” or “Nah.” The right remix, however, could completely turn the tables.

Costa can be experienced in on 7 April at the Together Festival in Bangkok. Thailand, and on 5 May, he kicks off his US tour with a date in El Paso, and more dates in Chicago, Las Vegas and Denver later next month.

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