Ronnie Lopez – Sorcery EP [Smokehouse]

Ronnie Lopez is an up and coming DJ from Tampa Bay, Florida. Along with the backing of his collective Smokehouse, he is taking the scene by storm. He plays an immense role in Tampa’s underground scene, through promoting and DJ-ing, bringing the proper sound and acts to town. Ronnie began DJ-ing ten years ago while in the Air Force and has listened to electronic music for much more. It’s a given fact that he has watched the evolution of electronic music before his eyes. It’s safe to say he’s had enough time to perfect his craft based off the powerful tracks that are a sure hit on the dance floors he graces. Watching his crowds dance to the infectious beats and darker atmospheres he creates is a sure fire every single time. That atmosphere has been his staple for quite some time now. Ronnie has just recently released his Sorcery EP and it is absolute quality.


Out of the many words you can use to describe this Sorcery EP, this is the most important one. In this world of EDM, the vast majority of artists, especially up and coming ones, take on the easy stuff. For example, cookie cutter, formulaic production, big build ups and disappointing drops which appears in abundance. In a scene over run by mainstream acts, Ronnie breaks out of the norm with a high quality production and very unique sound.  There is no other explanation but sorcery for what Ronnie has done on this fantastic EP.

Sorcery is a track that showcases Ronnie’s taste in the darker tones of electronic music. It follows an eerie bass line from an intro that makes you feel like you’re walking through the fog in a deserted town. At first listen, you try to grasp on to a genre. However, the track, like its suspense thriller feel, takes an unexpected turn at every corner. The element of surprise bleeds from the sounds coming in at every angle. Ronnie takes us into a surprise 808 break down mid track that just shows how well the track flows between the layers on layers of sampling. Using his voice and effects, Ronnie created the haunting vocal sample that’s heard throughout the track. Very few can create something that flows so well while incorporating elements from a plethora of genres and Ronnie has made that list.


Zorro, the second track on the Sorcery EP takes you out of the darker atmosphere that Sorcery builds. It appears as though it has connotations of the feelings just before the sun rises. Seems like it’s best to listen to this song whilst riding your black horse in your vigilante outfit. You can hear a bass guitar pouring out notes that sets the track’s melody. It has your typical Western sound which evidently compliments its rolling bass line. It’s a refreshing listen after the high energy and morphing nature of Sorcery. The instrumentals and other sounds incorporated into this track blend in together in a harmonious way. Therefore it’s another testament to the high quality of production that Ronnie vows to showcase in all his work.


The Sorcery EP is just one of many works Ronnie has released on his soundcloud page. You will definitely be hearing more of him in the future; probably somewhere in between the time he’s not busy opening for acts such as Claude Vonstroke and Bixel Boys just to name a couple. Most important of all, the EP is available for free download on his soundcloud page.


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