Rooler “The Rules” is a Spirited Track

Yield to the noise of Rooler "The Rules"

Rooler is a musical talent taking the spotlight in the harder styles of dance music. As such, Rooler has released a track in true spirit of his name, “The Rules”, that all abiding listeners must follow.

Track review: Rooler “The Rules”

“The Rules” is a rack to capture the sound of the producing artist, Rooler. Also, itis meant to hype the fans of Rooler. As such, the lyrics of the track effectively communicate this in proper fashion:

I make the rules, and you f*cking follow them

Lyrics from “The Rules” by Rooler

These powerful lyrics are paired with Rooler’s signature sound–a blend of hardcore and raw hardstyle. As one of the artists putting out the hardest tracks in these scenes–next, to Regain–“The Rules” features destructive kickdrums and earth shattering bass and harsh screeches. Among the more musical sounds, are the synth melodies that exude mean and dark vibes.

Crowd Reaction

Overall, this track inspires enthusiasm for the harder styles in dance music, and most especially, for the sound of Rooler. With much support for the track, “The Rules” release on July 15,2019 at the peak of the summer festival season is just the way to keep the excitement going. As such, witness the support for the track from the video capture of the crowd reaction when Rooler plays his new release “The Rules”.

About Rooler

This DJ and producer is making waves in the hardcore and raw hardstyle community. His rough sounds have earned support from other headlining artists, such as Regain, wherein last spring’s raw hardstyle event QAPITAL he did a collaboration “Bust Ya Head” which the two played together during their set.

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