Route 94 – House & Pressure EP [Hot Creations]

Deep house groove master Route 94 hooks us up with a sensational new release on the infamous Jamie Jones & Lee Foss owned label, Hot Creations. With support from guys like Jamie Jones, Claude vonStroke, and Eats Everything, this release carries a lot of hype. Luckily, it manages to deliver its promises with true quality.

The title track is a deep, surprising house sweeper, with a nice classic vocal that would catch any clubber’s immediate attention. The vocal, provided by Linda Clifford, originated from an old-school electronic record “Ride The Storm”. In the iteration of the vocal, Clifford’s timbre and tone provide a sensual yet seductive element to an otherwise ruthless track. The buildup is initiated by a nice drumline layered over a menacing bassline that howls to be heard. The vocal cutting and arrangement breathe’s new life into Clifford’s vocal, and revises it for the new generation.

The B-side, “Crazy Bitch”, is an expletive-laden dance track that can only be described as crazy. It features a disgruntled voice message on the telephone over a definitive bassline and high hat combo. Route 94 manages to use gospel chants and a reverse effect over breaking glass. A dark piano sequence helps foreshadow the next track on the EP.

The release ends on “Black Keyless”, which takes a far deeper and more emotional route from the latter tracks. At 130 BPM, it definitely utilizes its speed with speedy percussion hits and sliced vocals. “Black Keyless” uses old time synthesizers to paint a dreary mood over some deep basslines. The beautiful melody on “Black Keyless” stick out on the EP and prove it to be a hidden gem.

House & Pressure is available on Beatport, where it is dominating the main chart at number one. You can help maintain its dominance HERE. Route 94 is currently touring this summer, stopping in places like Brooklyn, Washington, Ibiza, and more. Listed below are links where you can find his tour dates, previous releases, and even a free downloadable track “A Brand New Day,” which is available on his main website.




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