San Holo and Broods’ “Honest” Remix Package with Tons of Artist Support

Earlier this year, San Holo released a new single, “Honest,” with Broods. Broods gave San Holo beautiful vocals to work with, giving him a pop-feel to incorporate into his typical whimsical future bass style. “Honest” dives into the idea of being transparent with everyone you cross paths with.

Honest single cover art - remixes
Georgia Nott of Broods (left) and San Holo (right)

San Holo and Broods

Dutch artist/producer, San Holo, didn’t have the traditional dreams when he first started out in his music career. His love for music began with learning guitar at the age of 13 and extended into production when he realized he could create entire songs from his laptop.

I had so many ideas for making music and was getting tired of always looking for players to help fill the spots. I realized you are able to build entire songs around a laptop and that started my interest in production.

San Holo Bio via Insomniac Artists

San Holo’s career really started to pick up after his release of his “Victory EP”. Since then he has been taking the music world by storm by producing music that reaches listeners on a deeper level.

Broods, a sibling duo from New Zealand, began their career with their album “Evergreen.” They began working together as grade school students, in a group called Peasants that has since broken up. Before “Honest,” they released their third album, “Don’t Feed the Pop Monster,” in early 2019. This album combined their traditional synth-pop style with new aspects to widen their stylistic choices.

Lunice (of TNGHT) Remix

Lunice Press Image for Honest Remix
Canadian DJ/Producer, Lunice

Montreal DJ/producer, Lunice, is one of the three artists featured on the “Honest” Remix Package. His first gig, back in 2007, began his intense journey as a unique artist. He incorporates his love for hip-hop in his style while staying true to beats for the dance floor.

Lunice’s remix of “Honest” starts out easy, playing with obvious panning between the left and right ear. He plays heavily with pitch throughout his remix, creating a masculine feel from the original feminine vocals. This remix, like his other creations, shows his love for hip-hop.

220 KID Remix

220 KID is a UK writer, producer, and DJ. He has an extremely large range in terms of his ability to create. Whether he’s sitting down to produce a ballad or a headbanger, he is always producing top quality songs. His reason for getting into the music industry is beautiful and raw.

A friend passed away when I was 23 and he had an amazing aura. His life was spent filling others with joy and he didn’t get to fulfill his potential of all his dreams and ambitions and so I thought it was selfish to continue living a life without meaning and purpose. Music being the goal and joy I’d always had.

220 KID – 2019 Interview with Niji Magazine

220 KID stayed true to his branded style with this new remix of “Honest.” The steady percussive beats come in at the beginning, and as the remix goes on he utilizes his synth-heavy hands.

Midnight Kids Remix

American producer duo, Midnight Kids, are about three years into their musical careers. They’re inspired by music from the ’80s and put their own ’80s twist on their remixes.

In a world that prides itself on being more connected than ever, the same cannot be said about its people who tuck their fears, doubts and insecurities under the covers. Midnight Kids are rewriting the script, encouraging people to be comfortable with their story.

Midnight Kids Spotify Bio

The duo made sure their “Honest” remix embodied their signature bass-heavy drops. The beginning of their remix almost gives off The Chainsmokers’ vibes with the echo on the vocals. Midnight Kids did a great job capturing their listener’s attention within the first 10 seconds.

The “Honest” Remix Package encapsulates three different subgenres and styles, appealing to a wide range of fans. In addition to this package release, San Holo recently released a single called “Don’t Forget to Breathe Today.” With the inevitable stress of the current pandemic, this track is a necessity for anyone that needs to take a second to breathe. Happy listening!

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