Sander van Doorn Pres. Purple Haze – Neiloj (Original Mix)

Sander van Doorn is a man of many talents. Mostly known for being a staple on mainstages across the world, Doorn proves that he can change up his pace with a more underground sound. Sander van Doorn is no stranger to this sound; however, as his Purple Haze alias is legendary in the tech trance scene. Launching off of his own Doorn Records label, “Neiloj” is a call back to those times. After being premiered on A State of Trance and showcased in Australia and Ultra Miami, Doorn presents the first release of the newly revamped Purple Haze.

“Neiloj” is a deep progressive trance track with a deep electro bassline in the form of a menacing growl. Doorn settled on the track’s title by taking his wife’s name and flipping it backwards. The melody definitely has a similar creepy atmosphere to the classic “Nightmare” by Brainbug. The climax is built up with a nice arpeggio that is very reminiscent of the early days of trance. The buildup also has a nice oscillator manipulation that impressively transitions to the drop.

“Neiloj” is quality production-wise and long-time Sander van Doorn fans will love this release. Veteran fans need not worry about his long absence from the genre, as this is P. Haze at its finest. Although the track clocks in at 125 BPM, 140 enthusiasts can be put to rest, as classic Purple Haze tracks rarely went past 134 BPM.

This release comes as the first release Doorn has done under the Purple Haze alias since 2011. Doorn has stated that the revival of his Purple Haze project was due to the darker tone his recent productions took up. “Neiloj” joins the Purple Haze discography with classics like “Bliksem”, “Hymn 2.0”, and “Adrenaline”. We are very excited to see what Sander van Doorn has in store for the future. His Purple Haze album has been teased to launch in September. In the meantime, we are just hoping he thinks about reviving his other aliases, such as Sam Sharp.

If you are feeling the track you can purchase it here. Sander van Doorn is heavily touring this summer, as well as performing as Purple Haze during events such as EDC, Tomorrowland, and Armin’s Universal Religion residency at Hi Ibiza. If you wish to know more, check these links below.

Facebook: Sander van Doorn    Purple Haze

Twitter: Sander van Doorn    Purple Haze

Soundcloud: Sander van Doorn

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