Sander Van Doorn reveals debut album as Purple Haze: Spectrvm

The Purple Haze: Spectrvm album dates back about nine years ago when Sander Van Doorn created a darker side to his music with tracks such as Adrenaline and Eden. The project came back from the dead after he created a track last year that felt as if it was made to be a Purple Haze production. It soon became clear that there was a bigger picture to be brought to life. The unique audio-visual live show came next and was massively in-demand – it provided the springboard that would become this album. Doorn Records released the album on October 9th.

Purple Haze: Spectrvm
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Purple Haze: Spectrvm is a collection of dramatic, emotive dancefloor moments that blends his love of trance, techno, electro and progressive house in a mesmerizing fashion. Tracks like Plum teases us with shuffling beats, delicate piano motifs twinkling over haunting chords before the mystery of what’s to come. Light Me Up fills the room with massive riffs and epic breakdowns and glorious vocals.

The title track and Out Here breaks out the dark trance energy in thick waves, while Phaedra switches things up with a chugging heavily swung triplet pattern to keep things fresh. The must-hear track is Prism (Eyes Wide Open) what could be the most epic compositions, a collage of thick fizzing arpeggios and soaring pads. Historia, the closing track, has slo-mo beats underpinning a dizzying crescendo of melody and heavy atmospheric layers, before a giant build skyrockets the track to a euphoric finale.

“I think Purple Haze needs to exist next to Sander Van Doorn,” he says, explaining the need for this creative yin and yang. “I need both. They make each other bigger.”

The album indeed shows a producer falling in love with his creative process and roots all over again. May this symbiotic relationship continue if this is what we can expect from it and hope for much more after this. You can grab the album here.

Track List

1. Plum
2. Fall In
3. Neiloj
4. Contrast
5. Light Me Up
6. Spectrvm
7. Out Here
8. Phaedra
9. Kill Kitten
10. Prism (Eyes Wide Open)
11. Sam Sharp – Roundabout (Purple Haze Remix)
12. Choir 1.0
13. Historia

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