Tumultuous Techno Trip: Scalameriya Releases Single “Slobodna”


DJ and Producer Scalameriya brings underground techno with down-tempo beats from kicks with dirty distortion and percussive bell choir in his latest track “Slobodna”. This track and others styled similarly are available from the Forever 1  album release on the Perc Trax record label from artists, including, Manni Dee, Rebekah, Head Front Panel, and JGarrett. “Slobodna” is a standout for its complex beats. Have a listen to this track’s severe sonics below.

Track Review

Sound Design

Hard and heavy sound design. A great variety of distorted effects that brings dirty kicks, and tight, slushy snare-hits. Also, the bell choir plays a complicated rhythm that is a most gratifying din. Brace those precious ears, it is tumultuous techno trip.

Furthermore, the transient beats have their soloing parts two times in the track. In between them is a gentle pad, rough drone, and a noisey downer with a stuttering effect. These three instruments produce an astral soundscape in contrast to the beat-conscious counterpart. Consequently, this contrast makes for an intense atmospheric listening experience.

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Compelling techno track for its beat-centric composition–and utter chaotic rhythmic techniques. The beats of the bell choir is tense and disorienting for its seemingly random beat. While this alone is amazing, they also make for a tempting experiment in beat-mixing. For example, try increasing the tempo and slowing it back down again across a measure of the bell choir beat.

Genre Defying Style

Not your mainstream style techno track. Its rough textured instruments appeal to hard-techno. Such instruments in  “Slobodna” are seemingly reminiscent of the dark techno feel from artists among the Noisj record label. This underground electronic music label by artists Carnage & Cluster of the Netherlands promotes a similar hard-techno style. Familiarize and re-experience the doom-like vibes from their premium label, here. “Slobodna” need not be lobbed into a genre because it is best appreciated as demonstration of musical talent.

Photo from Scalameriya Facebook

Audience Reactions

A rather quiet audience  compared to the sounds in the track “Slobodna”. A brief review of social media did not yield a clear following for this great track. Good things come to those who wait: good music from Scalameriya, of course, but also, the much deserved appreciation of his music. Perhaps, it is only a matter of time before audiences rave about “Slobodna” to the talented Scalameriya. Afterall, this is one of his best tracks.

Photo from Scalameriya Facebook

Although the search for a full-length demonstration of the track on social media was fruitless, the required purchase necessary to hear the entire track is money well spent. “Slobodna” is a must have track for listeners seeking hard-hitting percussion and dark vibes.

About Scalameriya

The hard-techno DJ and Producer, Scalameriya, is from Kragujevic, Serbia. With a large following numbering upwards of 10,000 followers on Facebook and Soundcloud, the only description left to read on his socials are that he is “a completely normal superhero”.

Photo from Beatport

A further look into his accomplishments comes from his biography on Beatport:

With more than 40 releases behind him, Nikola appears on respected labels such as Eminor, Smallroom, Phobiq, Globox, Konstructure and many more. At some point, he decided to open his own music label, Genesa Records, that became one of the most perspective underground, indie labels in just 2 years.

Keep an eye on this unique artist from his social media links, below. Enjoy more beat-madness from another hard-techno track by Scalameriya entitled “Crucible” from April 2018 via the Perc Trax label, below.

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