Sean Tyas – Black & White (Original Mix) [VII]

Sean Tyas delivers a fusion of Psychedelic and Tech Trance: 

Standing on the forefront of the American trance scene, Sean Tyas delivers us a track swaying in between the realms of psychedelic and tech trance: “Black & White off of the VII label. If you’ve ever heard a mention of trance music being a journey, this would be the perfect example of it. The track begins by slamming you with triplets (Correction: When speaking to Sean Tyas, he said it was a gallop, not triplet) into this ominous tone that sets the stage. The track almost feels like you’re drifting through an extraterrestrial plane here, which is only emphasized further in the track’s breakdown. Tyas graces you with a cascading melody that makes you feel like you’re floating into another dimension. You remain at bliss for a couple of minutes packed with a shower of layers characteristic of Psy-Trance records. A massive drum roll takes command until the track swings back into full Tech Trance mode; it slams your eardrums with hard kicks and fades into those triplets again into some acid sounds. Clocking in at 140 bpm, the track is nonstop hard hitting energy, start to finish.

This track captures the essence of Sean Tyas’ versatility with the trance genre. Proving that he can do right about a little bit of everything, and do it well. From light to dark, Psy-Trance to Tech trance to uplifting trance, he has mastered almost all planes of production within the genre. Tyas excels when it comes to his craft, it is almost necessary to listen to his work to understand this. Backed by the rest of the VII crew, this track has been gaining speed as one of the label’s best releases, hitting the #3 spot on the Beatport Psy-Trance  charts.

If you’re checking out Tyas be sure to give a listen to his Episode 004 of VII Radio. Not only is the man a genius producer, he is also pretty talented at hosting a radio show. He has a voice that personifies passion and excitement for trance music He has his own show called Degenerate Radio in which he showcases new records and represents tracks he utilizes in his club sets.

If “Black & White” is right up your alley, check out more of Sean Tyas and the rest of the VII Crew.

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