Sefa “Walking In The Air” Is A Touching Frenchcore Track

A euphoric frenchore track to rock the senses

Sefa “Walking In The Air” is a brilliant show of musical expression. The mix is swollen with emotion, erupting with powerful instrumentals, and heartfelt vocals. Furthermore, the track progresses into a euphoric hard dance production recognizable as Frenchcore–an uptempo interpretation of the Dutch hardstyle genre.

Track review: Sefa “Walking In The Air”

Opening with a soft choir backing the airy vocals, the soundscape opens to infinity. Next, a sweet melody slowly enters the mix. Starting off as a harp arpeggio and string ensemble, the melody is then backed by bright pads. Finally, at the peak of its evolution, the melody becomes a huge electronic synth lead.

Rhythmically intense, the rapid fire kick drums roll in fast during the main part of the track. The sub bass from the kick is pitched enhancing the musical possibilities of the track. Sefa harmonizes the sub bass with the synth lead melody.

The outro is a classy grand piano melody. This is not some plinky-dink finger-mashing piano performance. In fact, Sefa plays rich chords with powerful command. Additionally, his expression on the piano is a slow and steady interpretation of the track’s main synth lead melody. Moreover, such musical expression reveals depth and vision behind the talent of Sefa. Furthermore, he is a dynamic performer who knows just how to play with musical instruments.

About Sefa

Rising quickly and loudly as one of the top DJs and producer among the harder style of dance music, Sefa makes astonishing productions in the Frenchcore genre. In just the past few years, he has become a mainstage act and a successful artist in the studio and on the stage.

Brands like Q-Dance are showing tremendous support for this artist. One such example is the privilege of composing their summer time festival anthem for Defqon.1 Weekend Festival 2019. Another example is the ticket holder exclusive performance at the upcoming IMPAQT festival by Q-Dance this September.

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