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Shadient is a young English producer who is releasing his first EP with Mad Zoo on Friday. Mad Zoo is Mat Zos record label, and if you happen to be familiar with UK producer Mat Zo, his production is a brazen, take-no-prisoners approach to techno, drum & bass and grime. There is a similarity in Shadient’s approach, and the most direct similarity is the way both artists exploit the extremes in the mix. That is to say, from one beat to the next, anything could happen. This is electronic music where elements are very far away, but suddenly are close. Or the music is very low, and suddenly very high.

This first taste of the upcoming EP, “Lotus,” has a dramatic edge to it, manipulating the extremes to thrilling effects, from rumbling, squelching bass to shrill chords. There’s almost a militaristic bass drum step that marches through its under-3-minute length. The overall tone is industrial, especially heard in the percussion, so the track deals out blacks, whites and grays, but it isn’t a cold listening experience; there’s plenty of fun to be had in all the syncopation. The drops are rattling. This EP is going to be a force to be reckoned with, judging by the sound of “Lotus” and the consistency of Shadient’s few past releases (visit their soundcloud profile for more). We understand that “Lotus” is the first track on the EP, which is great, because its brevity certainly leaves us expecting a follow-up (via Look out for the full EP this coming Friday (April 7th 2017) on Mad Zoo.

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Evan Dice

Evan is a lifelong musician, growing up in classical and world music, then rock, pop, jazz, hip-hop, a little bit of metal, and eventually, electronic music. After growing up abroad and travelling extensively, he returned to the United States for school and now lives in New York City. Evan is an active collaborator as a violinist and a producer, and is a fan of genre-blending (within reason). He can be found at home investigating the intersection between jazz and techno with a table full of samplers and synthesizers, or out in the city, reading on the train or supporting live Arts- particularly the experimental kind. Be it dance, theater or music, great people with brilliant minds are coming up with fantastic creative things to show every day, and this is inspiring.

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