Shawn Wasabi Drops Long Awaited Album ‘MANGOTALE’

Shawn Wasabi finally releases his debut album MANGOTALE

After a long five years, the internet’s favorite character, Shawn Wasabi has finally exhibited his musical talents with his debut album MANGOTALE. The album features twelve fun tracks that are impossible not to have on repeat. 

MANGOTALE is truly a showcase of who Shawn Wasabi is and what he is all about. The upbeat pop album features tracks that reflect some of his favorite things and also current trends. On the album is today’s newest single, “MEDICINE” featuring Tia Scola. It is a smooth melodic track that we will definitely have on repeat. 

The tracks of MANGOTALE

“Princess Peach” is the first track on the album and it definitely takes us back to our nintendo days. The nostalgic track features a captivating video game-like beat with exciting twists. Next on the album comes “HALO HALO feat Chevy,” which is a catchy and very relatable love song about seeing a loved one after quarantine. The sassy single, “LEMONS” follows and then comes two of the exciting standouts, “ANIMAL CROSSING” and “SNACK feat Raychel Jay.” After is probably the most stimulating song on the album, “tokyo tea feat Spacegirl Gemmy” which showcases everything Shawn Wasabi is capable of, with futuristic sounds and invigorating lyrics. Pop tunes, “LOVE POTION” featuring Raychel Jay and “HOME RUN”, also featuring Raychel Jay, appear next. Finally, the album closes out with the smooth instrumental track, “IGLOO” with hints of vocals by Shawn Wasabi himself. 

Shawn Wasabi explains how the majority of MANGOTALE was produced on his laptop at home. Each track showcases his ability to expand his musical range while still maintaining a similar sound that reflects himself as an artist. We knew Shawn Wasabi’s album was going to be great from his latest singles and EPs, but he truly went above and beyond with MANGOTALE

MANGOTALE is out now and is the perfect stay-at-home soundtrack, listen to it here.

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