Shawn Wasabi Drops The Perfect Track Just in Time For The Launch of ANIMAL CROSSING

Shawn Wasabi has gifted us something we all need right now during this tough time — his latest track “ANIMAL CROSSING”. In collaboration with Sophia Black, the two created an infectious track that perfectly captures the paradise that is Nintendo Switch’s “Animal Crossing: New Horizons.” Sophia’s sweet pop-infused vocals and Wasabi’s expert electronic production draw us in. There are also small details such as 8-bit sound effects and lyrics that reference the game’s aspects like “peaches by the pool”. The song was released today, as was “Animal Crossing: New Horizon”, making it the perfect accompaniment. It’s no surprise that this life-long video game enthusiast made a song about a beloved video game, as you can see by his tweet.

Shawn Wasabi kept busy these past couple months, releasing two tracks “Animal Crossing” and “Home Run” in the same month. He also reached TikTok fame last month with his Midi-Fighter adaptation of Beethoven’s “Fur Elise”. Shawn, being a master-controllerist, actually helped develop the Midi-Fighter 64 by creating his own prototype. He then reached out to the company that created the Midi-Fighter 16.

In conclusion, we will be soundtracking Nintendo’s Animal Crossing with Shawn Wasabi’s own track ANIMAL CROSSING this weekend.

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