Shockrage “Exterus” Roars with Energy

This is a monster of a raw hardstyle track

Roaring kick drums and shrill leads make Shockrage “Exterus” an energetic raw hardstyle track. Complete with characteristic dark vibes, anthemic melodies, and rampant kick drum rolls, this track is a total acoustic assault of hard electronic music. Enliven the senses with a listen to the track below.

Track review: Shockrage “Exterus”

Lyrics fit for a fight song

Existential lyrics of mankind as nothing but a “random byproduct of molecular circumstances” puts a cathartic thread into this production. Furthermore, the lyrics go on to express the frustration and desire to find purpose in life of mankind:

“There must be more….we will find it.”

Lyrics from “Exterus” by Shockrage

Such forceful words evoke an angry vibe that is felt through the duration the track. Better yet, it is strategically placed at the drop. In doing so, this provides listeners with the ultimate release of emotion. As a result, these lyrics make this hardstyle track like a fight-song for mankind.

Scathing screeches and tough kicks

The ensemble of screeching leads behind the strident lead melody chords scaling up in triplets make for a dynamic harmonizing effect. Consequently, this matches well with the classic melody based format to the hardstyle sound. As a result, its anthem-like style and underground inspired sounds make Shockrage “Exterus” a raw hardstyle weapon.

Kick drums rich in variety introduce the element of surprise that comes with the unexpected. For example, nearly every breakdown introduces a new kick drum. Each fueling the fury felt from their hostile loudness. All in all, each feature transformative effects on percussion sound design.

As they come, some exaggerate the pitch of the attack, others constrain the frequencies down to the resounding subass, while others pressurize the mid-waves for tight and biting punch. Ultimately, all of them explode and rain through the air like bullets.

About Shockrage

DJ and producer, Shockrage, is very spirited about his identity as a DJ and producer. Take it from his own words:

For years i’ve been searching, searching for a religion to put in all of my energy and passion.i’ve found it, It’s called: Hardstyle My Religion

DJ and producer, Shockrage

True hardstyle fan, true producer of hardstyle music, Shockrage is hardstyle. Before Shockrage, this artist went strong performing and producing under another alias as Re-Shock. Now, as Shockrage, his productions are continuing to see him unveil top-notch hardstyle music. Previously, and presently, “Redemption” (October 2019) shakes up some haunting vibes with his earthshatter hardstyle sound. Now, his latest production, “Exterus”, is out now on the releasing label Spoontech Records.

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