It’s been almost two decades since Moby’s “Natural Blues” conquered the world of dance music. It’s safe to say the record hasn’t lost any allure or been forgotten.  Dutch duo Showtek has teamed up with Moby for a brand new take of the 1999 classic. Released on Showtek’s own Skink imprint, “Natural Blues” is back to wow us all once more. To purchase or stream listen below or click here!

Natural Blues remix by Showtek and Moby

The New ‘Natural Blues’

Bridging the gap between its creators’ respective styles, this remarkably exciting rendition of “Natural Blues” goes right into club mode. Without losing sight of its origins, the three producers blend the original’s iconic vocal partitions.  “Natural Blues” has well-crafted builds and drops that are sure to give today’s festival-ready crowd exactly what they want. Ready to hit the dance floor and airwaves alike, this collaboration between one of the most well-respected dance music duos and the legendary act should have no trouble winning over the hearts of every electronic music fan.


Richard Melville Hall aka Moby has to be one of electronic music’s most well-known and respected acts. The American DJ, producer, and singer-songwriter first turned heads with “Go” in 1991.  He then went on to wow entire generations of dance music enthusiasts with not only productions and remixes for the likes of Daft Punk, Public Enemy, and the Beastie Boys, in addition to more than 3,000 concerts spanning his multi-decade career. This proves just how timeless Moby’s music is. No doubt that it shines once more through this revamp of ‘Natural Blues’.


Consisting of brothers Sjoerd and Wouter Janssen from Eindhoven, Netherlands, Showtek is without a doubt among the modern most successful DJ/producer duos. Success with various notable chart positions, such as Billboard’s Hot Dance/Electronic Songs Chart, has led the way for even more infectious releases to come. This new version of ‘Natural Blues’ is a perfect example.

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