Showtek’s “Show Some Love” Comes with Pivotal Message

The song's release highlights the feeling of love among everyone.

Out via their own imprint Skink, the Dutch brothers and duo Showtek release the song “Show Some Love” featuring sonofsteve.

The track comes shortly after the Latin-inspired “Una Mamacita.”

“Show Some Love” unravels with a heart-touching guitar strum alongside sonofsteve’s booming vocals. The song’s positive lyrics also reflect in the production, with an upbeat progressive backing. Furthermore, organic instrumentals infused in the song’s unique drop complement and bring out its raw, organic emotions.

Showtek’s comments on “Show Some Love” and its meaning

The brothers shared their own comments on the song and its meaning.

“With this song we’re continuing to spread a positive message through our music, that hopefully brings people together in a time of divide. This year has been turbulent for everybody. Not only because of the pandemic, but also because of the systemic racism that has finally been brought to light. We felt it was time to spread some love and give the people something positive to listen to and we want our fans to know that we love them no matter what skin color, religion, sexuality or gender. We believe in a world where everybody is treated equally and where you can live together in our differences, that’s what makes us all beautiful”.

Showtek on their latest release “Show Some Love” ft. sonofsteve

Listen to “Show Some Love” below on YouTube or via Showtek’s Skink imprint.

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