Sihk Releases “Final Boss” on Barong Family

This retro track will give you bucketloads of nostalgia!

Indonesian-born producer Sihk is a very unique type of DJ. Spending his childhood in Seattle and Jakarta, the eclectic mix of his music reflects the global nature of his upbringing. He played at iconic festivals like Tomorrowland and at Thailand’s Songkran. With so many accolades to mention, he comes out with another release today, titled “Final Boss”.

The latest offering from Sihk comes with a retro feel that many will relate to. Sihk has visualised that moment when you are up against that “Final Boss” in a game. The adrenaline, the tension and the frenzy experienced in a final boss situation is mirrored in this song.

This is what Sihk had to say about “Final Boss”:

“I made the track while playing, and the battle music in the game inspired me for the melody of ‘Final Boss. I tried to stick to the scale and chord progression of the game music”.


This isn’t the first time Sihk has made a song relating to the games industry. Last year, he released his “Epic Side Quest” EP which brought the dance community and gaming community together.

“Happy Hardcore is my new style and I’m sticking to it. It came from the desire to do something more exciting that seamlessly blends with my previous bassier sounds. Thus far, my fans and newcomers alike have responded very positively and I received quite a few DMs with nice and meaningful words”.


Stream “Final Boss” here:

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