“Slide” Remix by Trippy Turtle

Turtle! Turtle!  Trippy Turtle has returned to grace our ears with a brand new mix, “Slide“. Including samples from a bunch of different popular R&B/Hip-Hop songs including works from Frank Ocean, Drake, and even a little Pharell. Trippy is known for taking songs and mixing them in a Jersey club fashion. It even includes that Rye Rye track “What” in there, so you know it’s the real Jersey club deal. Most of his tracks rework slower songs into more upbeat ones, but he takes an idea and runs with it in the best way possible each time. You won’t find anyone else who does it like the Turtle. I guess his name is supposed to be ironic, seeing as how his songs aren’t slow in any way.

Turtle cuts this track in so many different ways- as stated before, there are multiple lyrics from a bunch of different songs that still perfectly mixed together into this one track. They just work so well with each other that each mixed track sounds like they were all recorded together, and that’s the true beauty of the Turtle. He’s able to take songs and make them flow so smoothly, kind of like each song is having a conversation between themselves. And for that, Trippy Turtle is a real unique experience.

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