SLUMBERJACK Releases Music Video for “Poison”

SLUMBERJACK sends shivers down backs with the release of their "Poison" music video.

SLUMBERJACK recently released a dark music video to accompany their single “Poison” featuring Sydnee Carter.

The music video is an intoxicating representation of the single and features dark visuals to elicit a sense of apprehension. Amplified by smoke drifting around a young woman surrounded by candles, the video is nothing short of eerie. Additionally, the sense of foreboding moves to the forest as the video shifts sceneries, bringing the occult items to a world of its own. Together, both the track and music video create an atmosphere of thrilling ambiguity and darkness.

SLUMBERJACK’s “Poison” is dark and thrilling at the same time

Furthermore, director Brandon Parker, shared the process for the music video saying. “The vision for this video was a mix of literal interpretations of the lyrics mixed with metaphors spun from a poison-induced trance,” he said. “After talking through lots of imagery and ideas with Fletcher & Morgan via zoom they were vibing with the idea and then we hit the ground running. This production was a true team effort. Keeping with current LA Covid compliance, we kept the crew small. Everyone had to be truly committed to bringing the vision to life.”

Meanwhile, SLUMBERJACK also shared their thoughts on the video’s making. “We first came across Brandon’s work on the video he shot with JOYRYDE – his cinematography and color work really stood out to us,” the duo said. “The symbols used throughout the video were carefully picked to capture the dark, supernatural vibe of the lyrics. We went for some of the classics; candles and potions with a hint of satanic ritual, but stepped it up with an albino snake which Gena did an epic job of working with during the shoot.”

View the music video for SLUMBERJACK’s “Poison” featuring Sydnee Carter below or stream the song.

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