LISTEN: SNBRN Releases New EP ‘U Want It’

Kevin Chapman, most known him as his electronic DJ name SNBRN, produces vibrant house music and just released his recent EP U Want It. The EP consists of three tracks that express the creativity of his skills while elaborating, what he would call it, his crazy side of house music. With the announcement of the EP, SNRBN had made a post on Facebook stating his perception of his new music. He had posted:

“I’m really excited to share my first EP with you. This body of work has become very special to me. I wanted to get in touch with my house roots and really let out my crazy side out.”

‘U Want It’ EP

The EP holds three upbeat tracks that contribute excellently to the house music style. “Want It” is the first track that starts with a slow clap leading into the first drop. A collaboration of different melodic beats on repeat in a steady repetition developing a groovy rhythm.

“Loving’ Me” is that upbeat track that gets all the dance moves flowing. The song dives right into a fast-paced combination of euphonic beats creating an energized house track. Midway through the song a sound similar to a cowbell kicks in, adding that feel-good dynamic with the continuous build up and drops.

“Six Shooter” paints a picture of an old western hosting the biggest dance party ever. The track kicks off with the noise of a whip slashing and flute melodies over a soft guitar strum. Leading into the drop, drum rolls play over the old western melodic sounds while dropping into the dance party.

To purchase/stream SNBRN‘s new EP, U Want It, click here.



The electronic DJ first made moves with his career when he gained approval by Nate Dogg to use an unreleased acapella for his track “Gangsta Walk“. The track has earned at least 25 million streams on Spotify and continues to be a massive hit in the dance community. Not only do the number of streams continue to grow but it also earned a Gold certification in Norway and charted in Scandinavia in less than three months.

SNBRN is also best known for his track, “Raindrops“, with 25 million streams on Spotify and his remix of Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing“. Furthermore, the DJ is continuing to embody himself into the house music scene while getting ready for a run of shows in the U.S. Check out upcoming tour dates here.


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