SNBRN and Strange Club release a new song: “Melrose”

Los Angeles based artist SNBRN has teamed up with Strange Club to produce a new track called “Melrose” on the Ultra Music label. The song has a catchy beginning, then it lures into deep and dark vocals, followed by a strong and groovy drop. Strange Club states that they wrote the song “Melrose” late one night jumping around Melrose Ave and that they then went back to his studio to record the track.

The music video features a flashing neon sign that says “Melrose”  throughout the entire music video. The song features a  house/techno beat playing in the background, while the lyrics consist of one line on repeat for the length of the song: “No GMOs, real hoes. We picking up girls when we walk down Melrose.”

SNBRN started producing music 9 years ago. He completed his degree in audio engineering and production about 4 years ago. Since then, he has released songs on Atlantic Records, Astralwerks, Sony U.K., and Ultra records and has made numerous other appearances.

Strange Club consists of two artists, named Greg Gonzalez and Sabastion Kimmel, from Los Angeles. They are a relatively new production duo, formed two years ago.

You can get the song from a variety of streaming platforms at the link here.

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