SOFI K Drops Emotional and Meaningful “All About The Lights”

The talented singer releases yet another heartfelt track

Detroit-based songstress, Sofi K, has released a single and music video “All About The Lights,” her favourite track off of her upcoming album, WAR. The track is out now to download and stream.

“All About The Lights” Brightens the Mood

Following her other two 2020 singles, which garnered over 115K streams, Sofi K continues to release powerful tracks with intermixing genres to show her young age doesn’t keep her from having a mature grasp on music. “All About The Lights,” written by Sofi K and Bryce Harding, allows her to take a step back from her usual upbeat sound and delve a little deeper into a dark subject she’s seen and lived first hand.

Sofi K opens herself up in this moody, slow tempo track to give insight into her life, as well as other artists in the spotlight. She creates an almost ethereal atmosphere, leaving her vocals to do most of the work in this track as she sings of how easy it is to lose yourself in the chaos of it all.

The track, produced by Bryce Harding, includes deep bass and drums followed by a keyboard, soulful trumpet interjections, and a clean snapping sound to give the track a truly minimalist approach, seen in the music video as well. Mick Guzauski, who has won 11 Grammys and has mixed over 27 number one hits, mixed “All About The Lights”. Furthermore, Zara Creative, an award-winning production company, brought the music video to life.

More on Sofi K

Since erupting the music industry with her first album at the young age of 14, Sofi K knows first hand how difficult it is to live in the spotlight. This not only includes her need to portray her best self in order to remain a positive role model for her followers but also to stay true to herself while navigating the music industry. She does however remain steadfast in her ability to stay grounded and show her truest form.

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