Sofi K Recently Dropped Sophomore Solo Album ‘WAR’

This album is set to evoke all types of emotion!

Sofi K, an enthusiastic songstress and Detroit native, recently dropped her new album WAR. At just 19 years old, Sofi has already made a name for herself with a growing online fan base, a previously released album, and a known personality of optimism and excitement. Sofi K’s new album, WAR, is packed full of vibrant and heartwarming new tracks. It is nothing short of the lively music we’ve heard from her in the past. WAR, which is also an anagram for RAW, is Sofi’s sophomore solo album and exposes a side never before seen from the songstress. The album contains a beautiful and honest collection of songs that represents both the strength and introspection of finding yourself.

Sofi K’s WAR merges Motown with today’s pop sounds

Many local and national powerhouses in the industry came together to help the young rising star capture the sounds of WAR. The album brings a “modern Motown” sound to pop music. Produced by Bryce Harding, the album features songs with funk brother and Motown legend Dennis Coffey on guitar (“Cloud 9”, “Just My Imagination”), Matt Hamann from Uncle Kracker on guitar, back up vocals with Larry Callahan, and the Selected of God Choir (Eminem, America’s Got Talent), and many others. The record was mixed by 11-time GRAMMY winner Mick Guzauski (Prince, Janelle Monáe, Eric Clapton, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, J-Lo). Additionally, Bernie Grundman (Michael Jackson, Joni Mitchell, Mary J. Blidge) mastered it as well. Wanting to be transparent with her fans, WAR came out of Sofi’s personal struggle to stay true to herself and not be afraid to show the world everything that makes Sofi, Sofi K.

“WAR is a snippet of my personal diary that I am cracking open and sharing with the world. I poured my entire heart and soul into this project and I hope this record touches the hearts of everyone it reaches. It’s a war to be raw and stay true to who you are but I hope this album inspires people to do just that.”


“Ice Cream” hit song

WAR includes Sofi’s hit song “Ice Cream”, which became a phenomenon on the popular app TikTok in 2019. Many influencers used her single in a variety of viral challenges. A natural when it comes to the industry, Sofi was born to perform. Her talent and innate affinity for music bubbles over at every turn. The buttery tone of Sofi’s vocals fills each song with a richness and warmth that supports the emotion behind her lyrics. Sofi is set to release a new single and music video in the fall.

Stream WAR here:

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