Solarstone Presents Pure Trance VI

Anyone who had the pleasure of being in Amsterdam for Amsterdam Dance Event this past month may have also been lucky enough to attend the Quest4Trance Pure Trance event. The massive trance event featured Solarstone, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Robert Nickson and special guest Factor B. As if anything less was expected, the men took over the massive venue with a vengeance and reminded every soul in the room just how pure trance can be.

Along with the Pure Trance vol. VI mix masters, the stage was also home to Gai Barone, Bryan Kearney and John O’Callaghan. The line up promised perfection and held its head high among a nice list of ADE trance gigs. The event was held at the spacious KBF Complex in Amsterdam, a much needed big room for a much expected larger crowd.

From Nickson’s live set, to the always satisfying Solarstone portion and on to Ottaviani’s magical live mixing, not a single beat went without pleasure and not a person in the crowd took a break. Witnessing such greatness in such a large room with such  a large crowd solidified the Pure Trance following.

All on the heels of the newest Pure Trance release: Pure Trance volume VI, mixed by Solarstone, Robert Nickson and Fabtor B. The audience was buzzing and there couldnt have been a more perfect prelude to this truly exceptional release. Enveloping 3 discs, the trance heavyweights take each listener on quite the journey.

Each artist featured on this compilation holds quite a high standard in their music. All three are known for the ability to bring new music to life, as well as continue to surprise the audience with all of the best classics and perfection in mixing in every scenario.

Of the three discs, as expected, all stand alone well. The listeners can rest assured that this is a full on triple whammy in everything that is good in the genre. Most who follow trance, have a large place in their heart for Mr Nickson, who has graced many a stage for many a year; having solid performances dating back to the early 2000’s. Label boss, Solarstone needs no introduction at all to any fan of the genre; and Factor B has been gaining steam since early 2014 and holds his own in a way not many can claim with two long time dance music wizards.

Take a look below at the massive track list, and make sure to visit all the socials for each artist and find their events near you. Or, you can be truly pure, and follow them to a new city and experience this phenomena over and over.




Out October 27th  – Order Pure Trance VI Here:

Pure Trance VI Tracklist:

  1. David Forbes presents Hal Stucker – Monolith
    02. Slam Duck – Mercury II
    03. Matter – The Bends
    04. Forerunners – Just For A While
    05. Tencode – You’ll Never Know
    06. Three Drives – Barracuda
    07. RNX – Atoms
    08. Gai Barone – Shiny
    09. Lostly – Roam (Instrumental)
    10. Andromedha – Why We Fall
    11. David Broaders – Rumspringa
    12. Basil O’Glue – The Promise
    13. Martin LeBlanc & Nick Silvestri – Turning The Tide
    14. Tim Verkruissen & Monoverse – While The City Sleeps
    15. Stargazers – Arrival
    16. Robert Nickson – Somewhere In Spacetime
  2. Solarstone – A State Of Mind (Mike St. Jules Interstellar Mix)
    02. Outer Pulse – Vixen (Pt. I)
    03. Raz Nitzan & Moya Brennan – Find The Sun (Solarstone Remix)
    04. Peter Steele – Renaissance
    05. Danny Eaton – Concentration
    06. Andain – Summer Calling (Acapella)
    07. David Broaders – Swelter
    08. Eco – The Lonely Soldier (Solarstone Pure Mix)
    09. Solarstone & Alex Karweit – Choosing His Angels (Club Mix)
    10. Active Lab – Nuclei
    11. Future Disciple – Jinka Blue (Solarstone Pure Mix)
    12. Corin Bayley – Crowd Vision
    13. BT & JES – Every Other Way (PureNRG Remix)
    14. Vince Schuld – Altered Nature
    15. Solarstone & Indecent Noise – Querencia
    16. System F featuring Armin van Buuren – Exhale (Elucidus Bootleg Remix)
  3. Neptune Project – Proteus (Factor B Intro Edit)
    02. Activa – Meridian
    03. Cold Blue – Speed Of Life
    04. TrancEye – Illusion
    05. Allan Morrow – When They Are Gone (Factor B’s Piano Edit)
    06. Factor B – Invidius
    07. The Noble Six – Black Star
    08. Solarstone & Scott Bond – Red Line Highway (Factor B’s Back To The Future Remix)
    09. Lostly – Colourways
    10. Solis & Sean Truby pres. S&ST – Coastal Route
    11. Factor B – Liberator
    12. Gai Barone – Lost In Music (Will Rees Remix)
    13. Sholan & F.G. Noise – Broken Star
    14. DJ T.H. featuring Robin Vane – Just For You (Factor B’s Piano Edit)


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Samantha Scroxton

Sam is a trance fanatic that prides herself in being a veteran of the scene, with a new found love for techno. Her experience includes working with multiple music blogs, PR at 5AM Artist and Management and spearheading the NYC non-profit The Locals Project, providing a free party for fans while featuring local DJs in the tri-state area and beyond. Whether at her desk checking out the new Coldharbour release or jamming out to an international FSOE line up, she’s always ready and willing to seek out the next big thing in dance music. You’ll find her covering events all across the world, from intimate private events in NYC to massives in Miami during WMC, and even at the Temples in Egypt.

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