Soul Bandit Emerges in Spooky Single “The One”

Re-surfacing in a timely fashion, Soul Bandit brings us a Halloween release that you won’t be able to get out of your head. This track titled “The One,” is another addition to the artist’s self-made genre called ‘ghoul-pop,’ that riddles with slower BPMs and interlaces with moving sounds and emotions. It’s a true, dark whirlwind that isn’t a surprise coming from an artist that we have come to know to throw dark meaning and provoking songs our way. Coming as her second-annual Halloween release after starting the Soul Bandit project in 2017, she had this to say about “The One:”

Unlike the journey through death and the afterlife that I took people through with the EP “Alone in Life, Together in Death” that I released last Halloween, this year I wanted to do something completely different and totally nonsensical. Funny enough, there actually aren’t even any official lyrics for this song, just sounds. I feel like its human nature to want to know the meaning behind everything to give us a sense of connectivity or something to identify with. But the fact is, we’ll never have all of the answer because some things can’t be explain, and we should be okay with that.”

As a unique, female artist in the industry, Soul Bandit continues to show us her creative perspective on life and the steps after through a rollercoaster playlist of songs over the past two years. This track has the ability to take us to new levels and make us aware of some dark and unique sounds. “The One” also comes as a precursor to more releases for this upcoming year in 2019, as Soul Bandit has revealed that at least eight more tracks will be released.

Stream ‘The One’ by Soul Bandit below!

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