Space Jesus and Digital Ethos Team Up For ‘Mars EP’ Out Now

Space Jesus and Digital Ethos have left planet earth to come together to release a two-song album entitled Mars EP, out now on the Wakaan label. Scroll below to watch some trippy music videos for the tracks off Mars EP or purchase/stream on all platforms available here.

The first track, “This Is A Single” is a heavy, unidentified signal transmission from the outer space realms of Mars. Manic screams can be heard, robotic warnings are given, and audio frequencies bounce, slurp, and churn into one elaborate track of freeform bass. If you are ready for takeoff, this song will send you on a journey to the outer edges of the world. A fitting beginning for landing on Mars.

Video and Visuals by Jay Steez

The second track, “Gang Fire” begins with a vocal sample from the ethers of Mars before slamming listeners into an out-of-control death roll. The bass pounds heavy and does not let up. Give it a listen and enjoy the visuals.

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