Stash Konig Releases “Spaceman” Featuring Mikey Wax

Stash Konig is an American producer, born in New York but grew up in Los Angeles. Stash has been producing music for the last few years and evolving along the way. His persistence in the industry has scored him official remixes with names like Martin Garrix and X Ambassadors. His newest release “Spaceman” features lyrics from Mikey Wax and feels like an electro-pop crossover with a catchy chorus.

The song lays down the beat in the first few seconds of the track, before getting into the deeper layers and instrumentals. Mikey then enters with a strong drum sample as well as several different electronic sounds. The production and lyrics flow together as the beat goes up and down between the chorus and the rest of the track. Konig adds a subtle piano to the background to add substance and a deeper layer. The piano adds to the build-ups leading into the drops and works well with the vocals.

Stash Konig

Nike Commercial

“Spaceman” will be featured in the new “Nike Swim” advertisement playing on television. This just shows that Stash Konig is not going away anytime soon. Having Mikey Wax on the track also gives this track a wide group of listeners with his 800,000+ social media followers. Following Konig’s tracks with X Ambassadors and Martin Garrix, this collaberation will get into the ears of many listeners. By continuing to grind and releasing new music, the DJ will be able to build off his large fan base and become a well-known producer.

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