Still A Great Night drops fun, self-titled, debut track [REVIEW]

“Still A Great Night”, the self-titled single from Still A Great Night could be their perfect introduction to the public. They are is a relatively new group from Los Angeles. This debut track brings a fun beat to the background, but what really gets your attention right away are the lyrics. Very rarely does “spoken word” fit so well into an EDM song, but they really nail it here.

You can listen to “Still a Great Night,” below:

The song brings you in with a piano section that turns into a drum and synth. This sits right behind the spoken word, along with a choir in the background. The two in the group weave in and out over the course of the song. That leads into a provocative chorus, which talks about how important it is to get back up after you fall down. The song takes you along with the “main character” (for lack of a better word) as he tries to fall in love in today’s world. It closes with him and his love interest escaping to her place, but not before recapping the main point of the night and song – that life can be so very beautiful.

“Still a Great Night” may not be well known yet, but if they continue along this path, there’s no reason they can’t be a household name.  The combination of fresh lyrical presentation with their instrumentals mixed with synth should be able to attract a wide array of listeners.

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