STOIK Album Release ABSTRAKT Out Now

For the last year DJ and producer, STOIK, has been cooking up several tracks. As a result, the artist has come to compile them all into one album: ABSTRAKT.


Album review: ABSTRAKT

Electronic music done delectably differently, the STOIK musical style is refreshing and consistent with the sounds we are familiar with singles such as “Clandestine Ingredient” mirroring the lyrical and sullen vibes felt through the album entitled ABSTRAKT. With 13 tracks each with a touch of hard dance influenced sounds, and passionate lyrics, these tracks deliver an intense feelings at low-tempo.


“Lobau” Feat. Mesloes is as a poetic track opening much like an open mic poetry reading backed my an intense electronic orchestra. Big bass lines and mellow synth lines and echoic percussion come together in a soulful symphony. The intensity rises with a stomping kick drum.

“The Artist” Feat. Mxji is another brilliant example of the lyrical presence throughout the works of STOIK. This track starts out with some rich acoustics of plucked instruments. As the track progresses some deep and melancholy bass-lines take-over the senses in due electronic music style.

“Clandestine Ingredient” is favorably familiar for its Subground style that once took on the underground club sounds in the days of QULT and promoted by the master of subground, ACTI, himself. STOIK continues this style with an appropriate hardstyle kick drum and non-melodic sounds.

“An Undisturbed Mind” is exactly the kind of listener this track makes its prey. Pounding bass drums smash-hit the soundscape and creepy vocals entice the listeners to “surrender”. How haunting it gets with special effects that make for an otherworldly musical adventure through space. Hang on tight, this one will take you for a ride.

“2091” Feat. Mxji pays homage to the groove infectious beats of reverse bass. Carefully filtered in the beginning, then releasing full force a few measure in, the beat is swarmed my twilight sounding metal percussion lines and a mean bassline. This a dancefloor track for sure.

“Je Ne Pense Qu’à Toi” is a trippy track. While a kick drum belts out some serious beats in the beginning the track takes a turn into a lyrical solo before bring in the musical accompaniment of many electronic instruments. There are several stages of this track that sound quite different from each other and the the effects that STOIK craft around their transitions is moving.

“Die Kranke Puppe” opens with a tinkling melody like that of a music box. It is then met with a break beat. A quirky choice of musical that draws listeners right into the mix. The ultimate track for any ending to a horror movie. Scary vibes.

“Into That Good Night” Feat. Beniam is a wonderful acoustic sample of a grand piano solo melody. Lyrics of a male voice starts in as if to begin outlining the story of going “into that good night”. Eventually, the big bouncing kick drums “rage against the dying of the light”.

“Stoned Ape Theory” is begins with an eerie baseline with a distorted effect. A nice round kick drum pounds into the mix against some glass-like bell sounds. Eventually, the groove sets in as the bass line repeats along an arpeggiated composure.

“La Noche” starts out with guitars. A thrilling dance track with electronic sounds fit for the dancefloor. This track has groove ready beats for the mixing pleasure of the DJ, too.

“Ode to A.I.” brings reverse bass drums bouncing into the mix. The tom drum is especially acoustic and audible through the mix. Majestic pads swarm into the mix giving thi track it’s grandiose vibe.

“Die Kranke Puppe” [D00d REMIX] is a hardened up, big-beat inspired version that preserves much of the instrumentals of the original by STOIK.

“A Glimpse Of What I Unveiled” is one of the most profound example of STOIK’s capabilities for sound modulation and effectining sounds that are very dynamic as they are creepy sounding. Wonderfully scarry vibes, coming from this synth and it is great.


Recall STOIK from last year’s exclusive interview and guest mix with One EDM, he has a producing style that appeals to underground and otherwise genre-defying sound design and as much appeal as popular genres such as vocal house as his track’s lyrical presence are similarly vocal centric.

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