It is Party Time: Sub Zero Project “Rave Into Space”

A hardstyle, rave ready hit

Ranking number four (as of May 2, 2020) in the top 10 tracks in hardstyle, it goes to say listeners enjoy this track. Among the reason are more and more to explore this track’s hardstyle appeal. Have listen to Sub Zero Project “Rave Into Space” from the playlist below.

Track review: Sub Zero Project “Rave Into Space”

Ingredients of Hardstyle sounds

Lovely lyrics speaking to the spirit of the rave, massive lead melodies, and out-of-the-box kick drum rolls swell the sense with exciting sounds design that just fuels the ecstatic vibes felt throughout the track.

The builds are effective. Feel the surge of excitement burst from inside at the explosion of each drop. Every time a new variation of a kick drum makes a smash hit that listeners not only hear but will feel them hitting straight in the chest.

Kick drums aplenty

Simply the best demonstration on the producers ability to reign in strong on the kick drum variants. From the early days of hardstyle on one kick drum was central through the mix, now a handful is common in these days of hardstyle.

So, then comes the question: is enough ever enough? Well count them, here, Sub Zero Project packs a total of seven savory kick drums into “Rave Into Space”. So, no, enough is never enough. More is better.

All in all, the music is suit to thrill audience a everywhere with its dancefloor floor ready mix. DJs, drop it when it comes time to bring the the summer festival vibes. Now, is the time.

About Sub Zero Project

Dutch duo, Sub Zero Project, is changing the game as with any other big name hardstyle artist, they are pulling out many productions. Among the tehm their music stands out among the rest. Headlining artists including Timmy Trumpet, Headhunterz and Da Tweekaz have worked in studio with these musical act.

DJ and producing team, Sub Zero Project

Their producing prowess has earned them releases on the elite Belgian hardstyle label and brand Dirty Workz founded by legendary hardstyle producer Coone. Sub Zero Project is going strong with rapidly changing hardstyle scene. Be on the lookout for more from this powerhouse pairing.

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