Rusko & Subtronics “Bounce” is a Huge Collaborative Single

A perfect harmony between the styles of these two dubstep heavyweights

Track Review: Rusko & Subtronics “Bounce”

Before we dig into the details, it is crucial to mention first and foremost that this track is a banger. Rusko & Subtronics “Bounce” has been tossed around and teased to fans at recent shows like Electric Forest. Well, it is finally here. Time to stop describing that unknown track that they wish you hearand bring everyone into the party.

“I want to see you bounce… now scream the wubs”

“Bounce” Subtronics x Rusko

“Bounce” is a perfect combination of the sounds that we love from each of these artists. Rusko’s classic reggae backdrop blasted with the Subtronics’ ability to turn a phrase in dubstep language.

The track wastes no time in building up energy for the first drop, and the next verse sends listeners straight into madness. There is a nice melody throughout that reminds of the older days of dubstep. Still with plenty of layered chops of course, but that is not the focus.

Rusko and Subtronics are, above all, masters of their craft. Therefore, this collaboration has been rightfully anticipated. We hope to see more from these two in the future.


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Whenever dubstep is being discussed the name Rusko is a staple without question. He is a pioneer of the genre and helped turn it into the global wonder that it is today. Rusko is from the UK and has been releasing groundbreaking material for over a decade.

Throughout those years, fans can see a progression in his sound. That being said, it is also known that he consistently pushes boundaries. From his older bangers like “Cockney Thug” and “Woo Boost” to more recent creations like “Mr. Policeman,” he stays true to his style while evolving simultaneously.



This young-stud has taken dubstep by storm. Subtronics brings what he calls a “spaced out work trap vibe” to the music world, and it is nothing short of awesome. He is a master of production and can create sounds and switches that are beautifully technical and precise.

The “Bounce” release and collaboration with Rusko is a dream-come-true for this young producer. Subtronics has no shortage of talent so this just seems like a natural progression in his career. With his loyal “Cyclops Army” behind him, we look forward to following his rise to the top.

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