Swedish Star, Tobtok Releases “We So Right”

Swedish Star, Tobtok Releases: “We So Right”

Guiding us into Sweden’s sound is Tobtok, aka Tobias Karlsson. Tobtok’s “We So Right,” Just released Nov 15th, 2017, by Perfect Havoc, a UK music entertainment management company, and record label.

Perfect Havoc was proud to introduce Tobtok to their media family. “We So Right” takes us into the deep sound of house music. With the growing popularity of House and Dance music Tobtok is gaining popularity worldwide. House music takes influences from disco with bass in every beat.

Appealing to a wide range of listeners is what makes House music so accessible. Tobtok’s “We So Right” makes you want to get up and move, as House music should. With bass drums on every beat, you can’t help but bob your head. Needless to say, Tobtok killed it.

We appreciate Tobtok for bringing us the best beats from Sweden.  “We So Right” can be found on Soundcloud.

Road to Fame

In Tobtok’s teen years he found himself in a rock /metal band. Micheal Jackson is what influenced him to gravitate towards softer sounds. Tobtok states that his most significant influence is Nile Rodgers.

After being diagnosed with cancer, Tobtok was told there was a possibility of losing his hearing. As treatments started, Tobtok began to lose his hearing. Unable to work on his music Tobtok had to remain strong.

After treatments, beating cancer and regaining his hearing, Tobtok made a breakthrough with his track “Savanna.” Tobtok wrote this track to celebrate one year of remission. The track premiered on YouTube and gained popularity and countless plays. Support from Zane Lowe, Pete Tong, and Annie Nightingale brought him to new levels.

At only 21, Tobtok now has several tracks and an ever-growing fan base. He indeed is an inspiration to many. Showing that no matter what life throws at you, your dreams are still achievable.

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