Sylvia Tosun and Pino Benji – “Lost in a Feeling”

Lost In A Feeling” is the uplifting, anthem-like collaboration of the summer from Sylvia Tosun & Pino Benji. The new single, released on July 10th, showcases Tosun’s ethereal vocal stylings with a lush chorus, layered with harmony. Listen to the version played by Armin van Buuren on his radio show A State Of Trance episode 820.

OneEDM had the chance to sit down with Sylvia Tosun and her A&R Manager Anton Bass to dive into the inners of creating this masterpiece. Anyone who has the pleasure of listening to this will get lost in a feeling of pure bliss.  This track speaks to the masses and crosses all boundaries bringing in the feels of what is universal to all of us.

OneEDM: What inspired the song?

Sylvia Tosun: I imagined being immersed in the middle of a crowded dance floor, overcome by feelings of positive vibrations…all of us, together, forgetting about our outer world and focusing on the inner canyon of peace and joy…In these moments of our heart’s purity, we want to stay and live deeper in bliss…

OneEDM: Who is we?  Is it metaphorically or someone with you?

ST: We is ‘you’ – ‘me’ – ‘us’ – both metaphorical and factual.

How did the song come to light?  How did you end up working with Pino?

ST: Pino Benji are a new production team from Finland.  They contacted my music partner (producer/co-writer/manger, Anton Bass) with a link to a demo track.  Anton filters numerous requests and track submissions by adding them to playlists for when I sit at the piano looking for some inspiration to write to.  I just happened to hear their demo and had some lyrical inspiration right away.  The Pino Benji guys demonstrated a nice positive vibe and Anton thoughtfully helped guide the project as A&R and collaborator.



OneEDM: What feeling transpired after hearing Armin play your track?

ST: It’s always wonderful when Armin plays one of my songs.  First and foremost, the feeling is GRATITUDE!  To be played on ASOT amongst so many other great tracks is an honor and privilege that I always very much appreciate.

OneEDM: What food or drink helps your creative juices?

ST: Domain Ott rose wine and fresh veggies from my garden…

OneEDM: What’s your favorite venue?

ST: We’ve created an entertainment space here at Spindle Hill. Spindle Hill has evolved into a multi-faceted lifestyle and creative environment including a recording studio as well as indoor/outdoor performance spaces.  We have a ‘Saloon style’ bar/lounge area with an intimate stage including a baby grand piano, DJ booth, proper lighting, etc…The property is where I grew up and we have been restoring the Farming aspect with a bountiful vegetable garden and edible forest…I have also become actively involved in Permaculture and Sustainability, to the point where Spindle Hill may very soon represent a Conservatory in its most traditional sense, incorporating Music, Art & Gardening.

OneEDM: What’s your favorite city/country you’ve traveled to?

ST: Budapest, Hungary – It is a place that has gone through tremendous adversity throughout history, yet still stands beautifully…demonstrating rich artistic expression, from the finest musicians to the sweetest wine!

OneEDM: What does home mean to you?

ST: The place to feel safe.

OneEDM: Tell us about being a goodwill ambassador

ST: Since I was a child, I enjoyed being involved with the USO and participated in causes that help military Veterans…Over the years, I toured VA hospitals throughout the US, entertaining and bringing comfort to those who have served our country.  It was a tremendous honor when the USO had appointed me as their Goodwill Ambassador.  For many years, I was invited to sing the National Anthem at numerous featured events around New York City; particularly during Fleet Week, where I would sing other Countries’ national anthems in their native languages.  This experience inspired an album project entitled, Anthem in order to promote global awareness and cultural respect.

OneEDM: What’s next?

ST: Expanding on the depth of music style that I release, I would like to release a conceptual collection of my original songs as an album.  It has been a long time coming and we have a lot of songs already written and in the process of being produced.  There will certainly be some of the essence of the Trance music yet, the productions will be dynamic adding in more organic musicality and live instruments.  I guess you could say there is an infusion of a New Age vibe (like Enya) and progressive (not as in EDM progressive, but, instead more like Peter Gabriel/ Genesis progressive).  Also, some more authentic Trance collabs.


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