T78 ‘Retro Future’ EP to Damage the Dancefloor

New Age Techno with Tech-Trance and Subground Sounds

T78, Italian DJ and producer, and electronic music extraordinaire treats technos listeners to the three track EP Retro Future. With an all new techno track “Retro Freak” by T78, and some Subground revival with the 2K20 Remix of the ACTI’s “Darron” and Reinweiss “Riot” this EP is has some hard dance influences and underground sounds fueling a new age techno sound.

Bursting with creative twist hardstyle, electro and techno sounds, ACTI (T78’s alias) was Subground music. Taken at the tempo of 128BPM-135BPM came some unforgettable masterpieces in sounds design that have ever met the ears. With the subground era ending years ago, its with a stab in the heart that its followers bear. Now and again, the music is doctoring up those emotions.This time with two subground classics remix in techno style by artist 2K20.

Album review: Retro Future EP

“Retro Freak”

T78’s interpretation of the Techno sound goes above and beyond the savory polyrhythmic mixing favored by techno artist. He brings on monster kick drums that really hit hard. The result is a tough techno vibe that fuels the thirst for more electronic ecstacy. As it comes, T78 bas a barking acid like that provides for a trippy soundscapes. This track will pump up the club.

“Riot” [2K20 REMIX] -Reinweiss

2K20 remixes of the Subground track by T78’s former alias ACTI strike a chord for those following the Amsterdam Club Underground scene in the early 2010s–you know ACTI’s sets from the QULT parties back in the day. Fast forwarding to the present, 2K20 reforms these hard ectronic, downtempo club bangers to suit the techno style. The inevitable remix of “Riot” by Reinweiss is finally manifest in full techno style. At that let the beat control your body.

“Daron” [2K20 REMIX] – ACTI

2K20 knows good things come in pairs. His second contribution to the REstro Future EP is the remix of ACTI’s Subground classic “Darron”. Yes. It preserves that fat hardstyle influenced kick drum and many of the out-of the box bass plucks with some percussive elements to bring back a true techno feel. Nostalgic listening experience. Futuristic sound. This remix is fresh and really takes on an alternative techno feel. That kick is just a romper.

About T78

T78, DJ and producer, and still the master of subground and bringing new age techno under his record label Autektone Records is a true talent and professional. Never leaves the studio without a groundbreaking track.

DJ and producer, T78

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